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Native Mobile Apps

We have built a number of applications for mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

On iOS

FieldNotes Pro ($9.99)

FieldNotes Pro is the perfect app for the working professional. It has many features that are not included in the FieldNotesLT application. Voice Notes and HD Video (on capable devices) are provided. Images can be annotated using a finger or a stylus, making circling problems in photos a cinch. Additionally, FieldNotes Pro can store your documents on Dropbox or your own company servers through FTP. It builds well-formatted .PDF files that can be viewed or edited on any computer. The Pro version of FieldNotes also provides the ability to organize your notes into Folders

FieldNotes LT (Free) -

FieldNotesLT is the light version of the FieldNotes application. It is cut down to the bare essentials that many professionals and students find important in their work. This version of FieldNotes provides GPS location with three different types of maps, it can handle unlimited numbers of notes, and can email many notes at a time as KMZ files. It automatically geo-references all images taken from within the note, and can easily send a zipped folder of these images via email. FieldNotesLT is the perfect option for those who don't need more than the basic options to email their brief notes and images.

FieldNotes LT Ad-Free ($1.99)

The ad free version of FieldNotes LT is exactly what it claims to be. It is the LT version of our application without the ads. This is the right application for users who don't need the powerful export and media options of FieldNotes Pro.

bSlope (iPad - $9.99) -

A full static slope stability analysis implementation for circular and non-circular failure surfaces. Excellent tool for quick analysis and for education. Allows importing topography directly from a map based DEM, multiple layers and materials, and water table. A full report with theory and background can be downloaded in pdf format HERE.

On Android

Get it on Google Play FieldNotesLT for Android 4.0+ ($0.99)

FieldNotesLT for Android is the native counterpart to FieldNotes LT on iOS and takes advantage of the Android OS. Equivalent to FieldNotesLT for iOS in being able to export notes and attached phots as KMZ and ZIP files, it takes advantage of Android OS and, in addition to e-mail, the data can be exported to any connected storage environment, such as Box and Dropbox. All photos and notes are geotagged for easy reference. FieldNotesLT is a highly capable data collection tool in a small package.

We can tailor any aspect of the application, add any features that you would like. If you are interested, please contact us to get a quote for your project.