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About the Company

Mobile World Software LLC was formed as an outgrowth of our interest to develop and provide flexible mobile platform applications for location aware data collection, data archiving, and data sharing. We provide off the shelf and custom solutions to maximize the utility of the new generation of mobile devices.

Nicholas Sitar

CEO, Director Product Development

nsitar [at] mobileworldsoftware.com

Nicholas has extensive experience in wireless sensing, field data acquisition, and technology transfer. He leads product development and strategic initiatives.

Oliver Rickard

iOS Engineer

ocrickard [at] mobileworldsoftware.com

Oliver has multiyear experience in software development in a range of operating environments. He leads the development of the FieldNotes iOS platform as well as overall iOS product development.

Nick Lee

Android Engineer

nlee [at] mobileworldsoftware.com

Nick has experience in development of Java applications. He leads the FieldNotes Android platform implementation and the Android product development.